Thursday, December 13, 2012

Funky Junk from the Country

So, the past few weeks have been hectic. With three antique spaces in different suburbs we have been running around a lot. I have been on vacation this past week and need to go back to work to relax. I wanted to bake some cookies and goodies this week, yet there was no time. I will carve out time next week to bake, since there are no auctions with. Christmas coming. I have received several Christmas cards from family & friends this week in the mail. Yes, real cards handwritten and lovely updates on everyones past year. With all the modern technology, it is a welcome surprise to receive a Christmas card from a lovely long time frd. It made my day! The funky junk truck is decorated with lights and a wreath. No snow yet here in N.W. Ohio for a fun photo shoot, but it is early yet. Have a wonderful day and take time to enjoy some funky junk. Peace, love & junk <3 geniece

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