Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fall is Just Around the Corner!

  Fall is just around the corner, can you believe it?  Where did summer go?  In the blink of an eye, it passed.  

  Our weather here was just perfect this summer!  Cooler temperatures than normal and moderate rain.  Our pool is the perfect temp and the pups have enjoyed our family and friends stopping by to hang out at the pool!

  Lots of different furniture projects this summer.  Quite a few French typography pieces, that sold very quickly!  It has been hard trying to keep up.  

  This was a fun piece I completed after coming home from vacation.  Don't mind that big ball of fur in the pic, that is Zoe our designer mutt! 
  This was the first French typography piece I have done in Lamp Black milk paint and a white oil Sharpie.  It turned out very pretty!  

  These two vintage commodes were fun to paint and add graphics!  They both turned out lovely and again sold within a week.  
  I picked up four vintage commodes that each needed work.  My hubby fixed them up and I worked my magic on them!  

  This one was a keeper....... Not! It also sold in record time!  It really was a stunning piece.  
  I still have the dress form and the wicker chair, both are vintage and in excellent shape!  

  My final piece this summer is a fabulous secretary.  It was previously painted a flat brick red and didn't show any detail.  By adding the Antique White milk paint and Lamp Black inside the cabinet it looks like new.  The ebony wax always completes the piece and makes the detail pop!
  Enjoy the final days of summer.  My fall bunting is in my space and I have moved pieces around.  So stop by and find that one piece you adore!  

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  peace, love & junk

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Why do I paint?

  Have you heard this before?  "Why are you going to paint that wood?"  Is that the ten million dollar question?  Well, if I had a dollar for every time I was asked that question.  I would be rich! 

  You see, I have been painting furniture for 35 years now.  At the beginning it was because I couldn't afford anything else.  Now that I can afford it, I am still painting it.  

  I have several beautiful pieces in my booths that are not painted.  Guess what?  They are still in my booth!  And have been there for quite some time. 

  When I first told a friend of mine I was going to rent a space at the Maumee Angique Mall and fill it with painted furniture.  She asked " Will they let you have painted furniture?" Yes they will and yes they did! Now they have quite a few booths with painted furniture.  Everyone is painting furniture!  

  Again, I was the first one with painted furniture at D'Vine Designs.  Now, every booth in the boutique has painted furniture.

  So there must be a reason why I paint it?  Well there is, I love to take something old , ready for the junk yard and give it a new life.  There's something about taking it from drab to fab that gets my heart pumping!  Not all of my pieces are perfect. And I don't want them to be perfect, I want them to be loved and appreciated.  

Peace, love & junk,