Saturday, August 23, 2014

Why do I paint?

  Have you heard this before?  "Why are you going to paint that wood?"  Is that the ten million dollar question?  Well, if I had a dollar for every time I was asked that question.  I would be rich! 

  You see, I have been painting furniture for 35 years now.  At the beginning it was because I couldn't afford anything else.  Now that I can afford it, I am still painting it.  

  I have several beautiful pieces in my booths that are not painted.  Guess what?  They are still in my booth!  And have been there for quite some time. 

  When I first told a friend of mine I was going to rent a space at the Maumee Angique Mall and fill it with painted furniture.  She asked " Will they let you have painted furniture?" Yes they will and yes they did! Now they have quite a few booths with painted furniture.  Everyone is painting furniture!  

  Again, I was the first one with painted furniture at D'Vine Designs.  Now, every booth in the boutique has painted furniture.

  So there must be a reason why I paint it?  Well there is, I love to take something old , ready for the junk yard and give it a new life.  There's something about taking it from drab to fab that gets my heart pumping!  Not all of my pieces are perfect. And I don't want them to be perfect, I want them to be loved and appreciated.  

Peace, love & junk, 


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  1. I adore your finished piece! You do know imitation is the greatest form of flattery don't you? That's what they say but really they just want to take your sales, lol. I am sure they can't compare with your quality and beauty. Btw, I Pinned your quote, fits me to a tee!