Sunday, July 6, 2014

Some French Typography Inspiration

 Some French Typography Inspiration...

  Hello from the country!  Hope everyone is having a fabulous summer.  We are here at Funky Junk from the Country.  I have been busy designing and painting.  Are you ready for some French typography inspiration?

  This is a pic of the dresser after two coats of General Finishes Milk Paint in Antique White.  This dresser had seen better days, with the top stained and scratched from years of use and abuse.  Yet the bones of the dresser were in perfect shape!

  I always start my typography projects, by printing out the design on graph paper.  This gives me the opportunity to block out my design on the furniture.  It is not always perfect, but what is perfect?  All the nicks, scratches and blemishes make a piece unique.  This is an antique dresser and has so many stories yet to tell.  
  I work left to right with drawing the design.  All of my projects are done with oil Sharpies.  I know, you can't believe it! But, they are awesome for every project. 

  After finishing the design I will then wax the piece with BriWax in ebony, using 000 steel wool.  It is a ton of work, but so worth it. 

  The harp and mirror will be added, along with gorgeous knobs. Then to dust it off, wash the mirror and wipe out the drawers. 
  Well, it's all complete and ready for a photo shoot.

  Ready for the next one!  Thank you so much for stopping by for some French typography inspiration!  

Peace, love & junk,



  1. This is an absolutely gorgeous piece! I am a new follower.

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  2. Thank you so much Gigi! I love taking old vintage pieces and turning them into something that will make people smile! 💗

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Is it available for sale by any chance?

    1. This one sold this summer! It didn't last to long at the Antique Mall. I do come across dressers like this once in a while! I am on Facebook and Instagram so you can keep up on the available pieces! Thank you!