Thursday, December 3, 2015

I Have Been Looking for You for a Long Time!

  I have been looking for you for a long time! 

  Have you ever looked for that one piece for a long,  long time?  The piece that would steal your heart, you knew when you seen it, it was yours?  Well, I have several of those pieces in my head and in my heart!   Some are small and some are tall, rusty gold, fancy and flashy, oh you know what I mean....swoon worthy.

  As we were looking at the upcoming auctions for the week and noting pieces in the back of our minds that we wanted, there it was.  Mr. Funky Junk seen the same piece and said "We have to get that one".  Having heard that over the years, I just say okay, cool piece and keep looking.  You see, I like shiny baubles and old glass bottles, suitcases and... {{ I really could go on and on and on}}.  Mr. Funky Junk likes manly, big, heavy pieces of wood & metal! This piece had everything he was looking for.  He already had a price in mind and a plan.  All we had to do was wait until Tuesday for the auction, patiently wait.  Mr. Funky Junk has the patience of a Saint, one of the things that attracted me to him {along with his smile and handsome looks}.  So we would wait and act really calm and cool until Tuesday's auction. 

  Mr. Funky Junk already had a plan in mind even before we purchased it, woo, thank goodness we won that bid.  As the bids were going up and up, I elbowed my hubby, you know that elbow, the one that means, don't loose your mind over this piece {even though it was that one & only}. 

  This piece was well worn and that perfect patina, you can not recreate!  But, the doors were missing, you could see the cut outs for the hinges, no hinges, no doors.  So Mr. Funky Junk from the Country would build a set of doors out of some old table leafs and some spare wood.  He is a keeper! 

  Then to paint them and add graphics. This cabinet is amazing so nothing to fancy, just something to enhance it and add character. Ummmmm, this will take just a little bit of research on The Graphics Fairy website.  I have been fascinated with bees lately, the bee cabinet, the bee suitcase the bee sign, you can see where I'm going with this this.  Bees, bees everywhere! The Graphics Fairy website is so organized, you can find so many amazing graphics! 

  Well, the graphic was chosen and the Sharpies are ready.  Sharpie up and....wait for it...go!

  Now that the graphics are done, some Ebony wax to darken and age those doors to match that amazing patina. Yes, patina that has been years in the making. 

  If I could only sneak this piece into the house I would.  It would stand tall and proud in my dining room, everyone would ooh and ah, yes, stunning. Oh my, time to wake up, back to reality.  The hubby says I can not keep it. 

  After posting a pic on Instagram, I received an email that someone was interested.  She called me and came out to look at it, paid for it and we delivered it. Sigh, it went to a wonderful home.  A vintage collected and created is going to put it in her craft room and fill it up with vintage paper, metal and hardware.  

  This really is a once in a blue moon piece. Wow, now to search for another piece, just as stunning.

  Thank you for dropping by! 

  Peace, love & junk,


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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A time to be thankful......


  A time to be thankful.....

  This is the time of year when we reflect on what we are thankful for.  As you look back on the year, there are so many things that come to mind, gifts, health, babies, new jobs, yes we could go on and on.  Yet, what really matters ?

  As this year has been a difficult one for me personally, there is one thing that I am thankful for.  It makes me happy, joyful and sad all at the same time,

    My Dad, John T Shuff

  I am thankful that I was able to call this gentleman my father! For 55 years I had the most wonderful man calling me his daughter.  Not all times were great, not all times were bad, but my father was always that one person I could call for reason! He was always there to tell me I could get through it with my chin up and be a better person for it. My voice of reason, my reason to live life to it's fullest.

  Yes, we had an empty chair at our Thanksgiving table, but the love and aurora of my Dad was there and will be with us forever.  I love and miss you every minute of every day Dad, so until we meet again, that chair will always be at our table. I am thankful to love you to the moon and beyond, your daughter, Geniece.

   My, Dad, John T Shuff

  Take a moment and think about what you are truly thankful for......

  peace, love & junk,


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Monday, November 16, 2015

From Beast to Beauty

  From Beast to Beauty! 

  As soon as I seen this piece I knew I wanted it.  Oh those great bones and detail just called my name! Having repaired several other armoires, I knew the work involved.  Don't be fooled, this piece had some issues, a big hole in the back {how does that happen}.  The left side was loosing all of its veneer, we knew some of it could be saved, yet quite a bit of it would have to be replaced.  Better yet, I knew the beautiful reward of a gorgeous piece of furniture to cherish forever! 

  Finding it at an auction, you may or may not be the winning bidder.  We always have a max price in mind as to what we will pay, and on occasion we go crazy, temporary loss of mind and go over budget!  With all the work involved with the veneer, we won the bid well below our budget. A winner!  

  I nick named this piece the "Beast" because we had to load it on our junk truck, bring it home, unload again and put it on a cart.  It has more than earned its name the "Beast".  Who knew it would be that heavy.  Calgon take me away after just pushing it into the studio!

  Mr. Funky Junk had to place it on its side to repair the big hole in the back and to repair and rebuild the veneer on the left side. My hubby, Mr. Funky Junk is the love of my life and my partner in junk.  {He is a retired policeman and my hero too.} Okay, enough mooshyness!  He may ask for a raise, hah!

  The Bakelite handles were removed, several were broken and will be packaged up and head off to the Maumee Antique Mall in our booth for sale.  They are very pretty and retro, yet not in my vision for this piece.   In order for my hubby to repair the veneer, we removed the drawers { ALWAYS number them} and checked them out.  Next step, turn it on it's side, clamps, glue, bondo and elbow grease where all used to repair this side.  

  So I asked my hubby if he took a pic of the side while in repairs, answer: "No, did you want me to? " Ugh, "YES"!

  Well no repair pics in action, it's ready for paint! Getting ready to put my paint brush in action.  Fast forward, moved it into my studio {the room next door} and started painting.

  I use General Finishes Milk Paint in antique white.  It's my go to paint for all of my projects.  Depending on the piece, it could take three or four coats of paint, allowing drying time in between. I use a brush and do not spray my pieces.  Yes, it is a ton of work and takes time to complete.  After typography and an ebony wax, you will understand.  My style is unique and I love it! 

  Next step, my all time favorite way to spend an hour........browsing The Graphics Fairy website for beautiful graphics.  Go check out Karen's fabulous site, you will be amazed.  I have seen this graphic completed on another piece of furniture and it was beautiful.  Not a hard choice, I could already imagine it completed.  Print out the graphics on graph paper, gather my oil Sharpies and I am ready! Hear me roar and watch my draw! 

  I always start in the middle of my project and work my way out to the sides and the entire piece.  Nothing is perfect,  I always have a white oil Sharpie on hand as well, it gets a workout! Quite often I have to get up, walk away and then stand back and check it out.  Just to make sure I am on the right path and make any adjustments. Like anything else, some projects are easier than others.  Other pieces just ooze a certain graphic and I have to go with it! 

  The drawing is complete. Amazing detail makes this graphic fabulous.  This one was challenging and took me two days, a total of 6 hours.  The first night I had to walk away and relax.  My eyes were seeing double and I couldn't focus.  My second day was fine and I could stand back and admire the completed design.  

  Now on to the real work, waxing the entire piece.  My go to wax is Monbri in Ebony, using a bristle brush and lots of steel wool.  When buying steel wool, I prefer no. 2 or no.3.  To course will leave scratches and to fine will make you feel like your arm will never move again.  Words of wisdom, wear surgical gloves, the wax will stain your fingers and the steel wool will leave your hands raw.  Does this sound fun yet?

  Apply the wax with your brush in small sections and then wait a few minutes before waxing.  If you prefer a darker more aged look, you may have to wax and remove several times.  Don't apply the wax very heavy thinking it will be easier...because it won't be!  Waxing and rubbing with steel wool is hard work, but the results are well worth it!  The steel wool and wax will tone down the graphics and give it that aged, shabby chic style that I love.

  The left side has been waxed and rubbed with steel wool.  The right has only graphics added.  The older you want the piece to look, the more waxing and steel wool you will need to use.

  You can again see the side and bottom right drawer have been waxed and rubbed.  I will be adding glass crystal knobs and then final pics before the big reveal.  Can you see the "Beast" transforming into the "Beauty"?  Ooohhhhh, I can! {sigh}

  It looks completely different now.  Just wondering how many people would bid on it now? It has five (5) deep dove tailed drawers and the closet space {on the left side} with a wood bar for all of your hanging clothes. 

  This one was a challenge, yet I have wanted to tackle this graphic for some time, I'm happy I did!

  Thank you for hanging out with me for this "Beast" into a "Beauty".

As always, peace, love & junk, 


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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fall 2015

The Fall 2015

  Can't wait for fall. The calendar says it's the end of summer and it is finally getting hot.  Yet fall is just a month away. 

  My favorite season is fall!  I love wearing jeans and a sweatshirt sitting around a bon fire.  Cool temps at night, open the windows and let the fresh air in . 

  Oh, the colors.  The trees, the leaves all warm red & brown! You know that the holidays are just around the corner. 

  Enjoy some of my favorite pics from last fall! 

  Fall flea markets & auctions are the best! I could walk all day at a fall flea! 

  Some of last years fall decorations! 

Peace, love & junk, 


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Saturday, August 8, 2015

My Wall Street Dresser

   The Wall Street Dresser-before

  Every once in a while you have to try something new.  New colors. new styles, new graphics, anything different!  

  So, that leads me to the "Wall St. Dresser".  It started out as an ordinary tall boy, my hubby had to fix all of the drawers, not a one of them worked properly.  The handles had fallen off, so we decided to fill the double hole on each side. I love to use glass crystal knobs, just my signature handles! 

  Color.......I love color, yet I work primarily with Antique White and Ebony wax. I have had a can of General Finishes Driftwood for about six months.  Just never had time to use it.  In photographs it appears more like the color of sand, yet when I painted this dresser it looks more like a grey.  That's quite all right , grey is hot right now, what a fabulous color for the Wall Stret Dresser. 

    Driftwood by General Finishes Milk Paint

  Choosing graphics is always fun, what to do?  I primarily work with French Typography so creating block lettering will be a change of pace.  Just keeping up with my skills! A coat of Ebony wax and a steel wool rub over the entire piece, it's almost done.  Don't forget the knobs, clear glass Crystal knobs and it's done!

   Ebony wax by Mon Bri Wax

  Now check it out!  Perfect for a little boys room, teens room or a family room. Ready for staging and off to the Maumee Antique Mall, Maumee, Ohio.  Look for the Funky Junk from the Country booths, #241/242 & 258/259. 


Peace, love & junk, 


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    Geniece & Jim



Vacation 2015

     Our men in Montana! 

  Vacation  noun. 
an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling.

  Every other year we travel with friends to Sturgis, South Dakota to ride the Black Hills.  We ride, eat, laugh, camp & play cards.  A time to unwind from a long hard winters, kids, work and businesses. 

    Sturgis, South Dakota 

  If you know anything about the Sturgis, S.D. experience, you know that it is a wild time, like no other! This was the 75 th Anniversary celebration and estimates are attendance was estimated to be 1.6 million bikes.  It was crowed in some areas, but nothing overwhelming.  We tend to ride the outlying papa areas anyway.  

    Our truck and toy box, filled with ultra classic Harley Davidsons inside. 

  We hooked up the truck and toy box on Thursday evening and set out.  We didn't need to be in Rapid City, S.D. at our camp site until Saturday, so we had time to doddle and seek out antique or junk shops.  

  As a child we traveled a great deal and Mom would always say a prayer as we were pulling out in a huge woody station wagon packed with four kids, bread and sandwich spread, homemade of course.  We packed sandwich spread, bread, iced tea and adult beverages, that we won't get to enjoy until we reach camp.  My prayer is kept to myself, short and sweet, to keep us safe and allow us to have a great time!  It works for me! 

  My hubby does the pre-planning for our trip, cleaning the toy box, strapping in the motorcycles and getting plenty of candy and junk food. I make sure I round up jeans, Harley Davidson t-shirts and warm comfy sweatshirts, for this nights around the fire ring.  Sturgis, S.D. Is approximately 1200 miles and roughly 22 hour drive.  

  No vacation goes without a hiccup.  Just like 2011 we blew a tire on the toy box just over the Indiana line, not far from home, considering the 22 hour drive. My hubby had to change the tire olong side the turnpike, with trucks wiping by at 65 mph.  What a man, thank the lord he is an awesome mechanic. The organized man that he is, he had the receipt for he spare tire we blew before  in his toy box glove compartment.  Our next stop Iowa, we had the address and everything we needed to get it repaired and carry on! 

    Bullseye Antique's, Oacoma, S.D.

  Along  the way we had to stop at several antique stores and junk shops. As  a junker you can't turn it off!  I googled along the way.  It's always interesting to see how other antique shops decorate or what's hot in their area.  One shop had closed for good several months ago and one we just couldn't find.  Check out these cool shops along the way! 

    Loess Hill Pickers

    Book covers, cover their wall in the         antique shop! 

    We have been to this antique shop several times on our journeys to South Dakota.  

  Have you ever went into an antique shop where they don't want to sell anything? This shop was it, the prices were so high, there was no way he ever sold anything, oh well, we loved walking through it! 

    The Missouri River

    Mount Rushmore, Keystone, South Dakota

    Scenic, South Dakota 

    The Badlands, South. Dakota 

    Alzada, Montana. {{Topless Tuesday}}

    Hulett, Wyoming {{No panty Wednesday}} Don't ask! 

  There are so many sights to see in South Dakota and not enough time in a week!   

    Our vacation selfie! 

  Hope you enjoyed the highlights of our vacation 2015.  We had a blast, relaxed and recharged!  Now back to reality, work and junk! 

Peace, love & junk, 


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