Saturday, August 8, 2015

My Wall Street Dresser

   The Wall Street Dresser-before

  Every once in a while you have to try something new.  New colors. new styles, new graphics, anything different!  

  So, that leads me to the "Wall St. Dresser".  It started out as an ordinary tall boy, my hubby had to fix all of the drawers, not a one of them worked properly.  The handles had fallen off, so we decided to fill the double hole on each side. I love to use glass crystal knobs, just my signature handles! 

  Color.......I love color, yet I work primarily with Antique White and Ebony wax. I have had a can of General Finishes Driftwood for about six months.  Just never had time to use it.  In photographs it appears more like the color of sand, yet when I painted this dresser it looks more like a grey.  That's quite all right , grey is hot right now, what a fabulous color for the Wall Stret Dresser. 

    Driftwood by General Finishes Milk Paint

  Choosing graphics is always fun, what to do?  I primarily work with French Typography so creating block lettering will be a change of pace.  Just keeping up with my skills! A coat of Ebony wax and a steel wool rub over the entire piece, it's almost done.  Don't forget the knobs, clear glass Crystal knobs and it's done!

   Ebony wax by Mon Bri Wax

  Now check it out!  Perfect for a little boys room, teens room or a family room. Ready for staging and off to the Maumee Antique Mall, Maumee, Ohio.  Look for the Funky Junk from the Country booths, #241/242 & 258/259. 


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