Saturday, March 28, 2015

Vintage Shabby Cabinet

   Shabby Vintage Cabinet 

  Are you like me and love lots of little drawers? This vintage cabinet has the drawers and more. Come check out the transformation......

  This is the original cabinet with missing drawers.  It was in decent shape, a solid piece that needed some TLC!  I purchased this piece at an auction and paid more for it than I wanted too.  My Hubby always tells me we want to sell it, not own it.  That's true, yet this piece was so cool I  knew after I finish it I can still get my money back on it.

  I am very thankful that my Hubby can fix and build the additional pieces I need to finish my projects. He built several drawers from scrap wood we had lying around and adjusted several other drawers. 

  My studio had been overflowing with furniture and this cabinet sat for almost a year.  Over that time we had been searching for legs for the cabinet.  Everything I choose he didn't like and vice versa. {{hahaha}}  We were at an auction and came across some cast iron legs that were covered in porcelain.  We looked at them and instantly knew they would be perfect for this cabinet. 

  We were missing drawer pulls and half of the label holders were long gone.  That's when Ebay and Etsy came into play. I searched, ordered and received in record time. Amazing! 

  I knew I was going to paint it and just needed to decide on a color.  Since I wanted to keep it I went Antique White General Finishes Milk Paint.  I am a milk paint fan and that is my go to color! 

 The handles and label holders needed to be painted, so I used Rustoleum Spray Paint in Antique White to match, knowing that I would lightly {{very lightly}} brush them with milk paint. 

  My hubby was very kind and has the patience of a saint.  He attached the handles and label holders to all 24 drawers. 

  Finished! Time to photograph.  I hope you enjoy, now to move it into our dining room! Love it! 

Peace, love & junk, 


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Saturday, March 21, 2015

My journey continues...,.

  Yes, my journey continues.  I have found that life is so important to be enjoyed and remembered.  
  Just before the holidays my Dad had found a lump on his leg, after going to the doctor, they thought it was a bruise. A month later they determined it was a very rare form of cancer.  
  My Dad is now being cared for by Hopice of Northwest Ohio. Time is short, but I treasure every second I speak with him or spend with him. 

  And my journey continues........writing helps me to express myself.  Just as painting releaves the stress of everyday life.   So I bring you these pretty pieces that I have worked on over the past several months that I have been silent!  


  Oh this color, several layers of General Finishes Milk paint, to create this pretty Aqua shade! 

  This is a custom color mix of General Finishes Milk paint that I named "Violettes".  

  This vintage box was again painted with several different colors of General Finishes Milk paint.  I wanted the look of faded, washed blue jeans.

  This is another custom mix of General Finishes Milk paint, that I named "Vino". 
A deep burgundy color with a brown glaze to make the details pop on this Eastlake sofa table.  

  So nice to be back!

Thank you so much for your continued support and love for my journey of junk!

peace, love & junk,

Funky Junk from the Country

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