Saturday, August 8, 2015

Vacation 2015

     Our men in Montana! 

  Vacation  noun. 
an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling.

  Every other year we travel with friends to Sturgis, South Dakota to ride the Black Hills.  We ride, eat, laugh, camp & play cards.  A time to unwind from a long hard winters, kids, work and businesses. 

    Sturgis, South Dakota 

  If you know anything about the Sturgis, S.D. experience, you know that it is a wild time, like no other! This was the 75 th Anniversary celebration and estimates are attendance was estimated to be 1.6 million bikes.  It was crowed in some areas, but nothing overwhelming.  We tend to ride the outlying papa areas anyway.  

    Our truck and toy box, filled with ultra classic Harley Davidsons inside. 

  We hooked up the truck and toy box on Thursday evening and set out.  We didn't need to be in Rapid City, S.D. at our camp site until Saturday, so we had time to doddle and seek out antique or junk shops.  

  As a child we traveled a great deal and Mom would always say a prayer as we were pulling out in a huge woody station wagon packed with four kids, bread and sandwich spread, homemade of course.  We packed sandwich spread, bread, iced tea and adult beverages, that we won't get to enjoy until we reach camp.  My prayer is kept to myself, short and sweet, to keep us safe and allow us to have a great time!  It works for me! 

  My hubby does the pre-planning for our trip, cleaning the toy box, strapping in the motorcycles and getting plenty of candy and junk food. I make sure I round up jeans, Harley Davidson t-shirts and warm comfy sweatshirts, for this nights around the fire ring.  Sturgis, S.D. Is approximately 1200 miles and roughly 22 hour drive.  

  No vacation goes without a hiccup.  Just like 2011 we blew a tire on the toy box just over the Indiana line, not far from home, considering the 22 hour drive. My hubby had to change the tire olong side the turnpike, with trucks wiping by at 65 mph.  What a man, thank the lord he is an awesome mechanic. The organized man that he is, he had the receipt for he spare tire we blew before  in his toy box glove compartment.  Our next stop Iowa, we had the address and everything we needed to get it repaired and carry on! 

    Bullseye Antique's, Oacoma, S.D.

  Along  the way we had to stop at several antique stores and junk shops. As  a junker you can't turn it off!  I googled along the way.  It's always interesting to see how other antique shops decorate or what's hot in their area.  One shop had closed for good several months ago and one we just couldn't find.  Check out these cool shops along the way! 

    Loess Hill Pickers

    Book covers, cover their wall in the         antique shop! 

    We have been to this antique shop several times on our journeys to South Dakota.  

  Have you ever went into an antique shop where they don't want to sell anything? This shop was it, the prices were so high, there was no way he ever sold anything, oh well, we loved walking through it! 

    The Missouri River

    Mount Rushmore, Keystone, South Dakota

    Scenic, South Dakota 

    The Badlands, South. Dakota 

    Alzada, Montana. {{Topless Tuesday}}

    Hulett, Wyoming {{No panty Wednesday}} Don't ask! 

  There are so many sights to see in South Dakota and not enough time in a week!   

    Our vacation selfie! 

  Hope you enjoyed the highlights of our vacation 2015.  We had a blast, relaxed and recharged!  Now back to reality, work and junk! 

Peace, love & junk, 


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