Monday, November 16, 2015

From Beast to Beauty

  From Beast to Beauty! 

  As soon as I seen this piece I knew I wanted it.  Oh those great bones and detail just called my name! Having repaired several other armoires, I knew the work involved.  Don't be fooled, this piece had some issues, a big hole in the back {how does that happen}.  The left side was loosing all of its veneer, we knew some of it could be saved, yet quite a bit of it would have to be replaced.  Better yet, I knew the beautiful reward of a gorgeous piece of furniture to cherish forever! 

  Finding it at an auction, you may or may not be the winning bidder.  We always have a max price in mind as to what we will pay, and on occasion we go crazy, temporary loss of mind and go over budget!  With all the work involved with the veneer, we won the bid well below our budget. A winner!  

  I nick named this piece the "Beast" because we had to load it on our junk truck, bring it home, unload again and put it on a cart.  It has more than earned its name the "Beast".  Who knew it would be that heavy.  Calgon take me away after just pushing it into the studio!

  Mr. Funky Junk had to place it on its side to repair the big hole in the back and to repair and rebuild the veneer on the left side. My hubby, Mr. Funky Junk is the love of my life and my partner in junk.  {He is a retired policeman and my hero too.} Okay, enough mooshyness!  He may ask for a raise, hah!

  The Bakelite handles were removed, several were broken and will be packaged up and head off to the Maumee Antique Mall in our booth for sale.  They are very pretty and retro, yet not in my vision for this piece.   In order for my hubby to repair the veneer, we removed the drawers { ALWAYS number them} and checked them out.  Next step, turn it on it's side, clamps, glue, bondo and elbow grease where all used to repair this side.  

  So I asked my hubby if he took a pic of the side while in repairs, answer: "No, did you want me to? " Ugh, "YES"!

  Well no repair pics in action, it's ready for paint! Getting ready to put my paint brush in action.  Fast forward, moved it into my studio {the room next door} and started painting.

  I use General Finishes Milk Paint in antique white.  It's my go to paint for all of my projects.  Depending on the piece, it could take three or four coats of paint, allowing drying time in between. I use a brush and do not spray my pieces.  Yes, it is a ton of work and takes time to complete.  After typography and an ebony wax, you will understand.  My style is unique and I love it! 

  Next step, my all time favorite way to spend an hour........browsing The Graphics Fairy website for beautiful graphics.  Go check out Karen's fabulous site, you will be amazed.  I have seen this graphic completed on another piece of furniture and it was beautiful.  Not a hard choice, I could already imagine it completed.  Print out the graphics on graph paper, gather my oil Sharpies and I am ready! Hear me roar and watch my draw! 

  I always start in the middle of my project and work my way out to the sides and the entire piece.  Nothing is perfect,  I always have a white oil Sharpie on hand as well, it gets a workout! Quite often I have to get up, walk away and then stand back and check it out.  Just to make sure I am on the right path and make any adjustments. Like anything else, some projects are easier than others.  Other pieces just ooze a certain graphic and I have to go with it! 

  The drawing is complete. Amazing detail makes this graphic fabulous.  This one was challenging and took me two days, a total of 6 hours.  The first night I had to walk away and relax.  My eyes were seeing double and I couldn't focus.  My second day was fine and I could stand back and admire the completed design.  

  Now on to the real work, waxing the entire piece.  My go to wax is Monbri in Ebony, using a bristle brush and lots of steel wool.  When buying steel wool, I prefer no. 2 or no.3.  To course will leave scratches and to fine will make you feel like your arm will never move again.  Words of wisdom, wear surgical gloves, the wax will stain your fingers and the steel wool will leave your hands raw.  Does this sound fun yet?

  Apply the wax with your brush in small sections and then wait a few minutes before waxing.  If you prefer a darker more aged look, you may have to wax and remove several times.  Don't apply the wax very heavy thinking it will be easier...because it won't be!  Waxing and rubbing with steel wool is hard work, but the results are well worth it!  The steel wool and wax will tone down the graphics and give it that aged, shabby chic style that I love.

  The left side has been waxed and rubbed with steel wool.  The right has only graphics added.  The older you want the piece to look, the more waxing and steel wool you will need to use.

  You can again see the side and bottom right drawer have been waxed and rubbed.  I will be adding glass crystal knobs and then final pics before the big reveal.  Can you see the "Beast" transforming into the "Beauty"?  Ooohhhhh, I can! {sigh}

  It looks completely different now.  Just wondering how many people would bid on it now? It has five (5) deep dove tailed drawers and the closet space {on the left side} with a wood bar for all of your hanging clothes. 

  This one was a challenge, yet I have wanted to tackle this graphic for some time, I'm happy I did!

  Thank you for hanging out with me for this "Beast" into a "Beauty".

As always, peace, love & junk, 


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  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I Love this piece "The Beast" Awesome! Your work is admired by me :)

    1. Thank you so much! This one was fun! I knew right away what it would look like after the transformation! Again, thanks, it warms my heart! 💗💗💗