Thursday, December 3, 2015

I Have Been Looking for You for a Long Time!

  I have been looking for you for a long time! 

  Have you ever looked for that one piece for a long,  long time?  The piece that would steal your heart, you knew when you seen it, it was yours?  Well, I have several of those pieces in my head and in my heart!   Some are small and some are tall, rusty gold, fancy and flashy, oh you know what I mean....swoon worthy.

  As we were looking at the upcoming auctions for the week and noting pieces in the back of our minds that we wanted, there it was.  Mr. Funky Junk seen the same piece and said "We have to get that one".  Having heard that over the years, I just say okay, cool piece and keep looking.  You see, I like shiny baubles and old glass bottles, suitcases and... {{ I really could go on and on and on}}.  Mr. Funky Junk likes manly, big, heavy pieces of wood & metal! This piece had everything he was looking for.  He already had a price in mind and a plan.  All we had to do was wait until Tuesday for the auction, patiently wait.  Mr. Funky Junk has the patience of a Saint, one of the things that attracted me to him {along with his smile and handsome looks}.  So we would wait and act really calm and cool until Tuesday's auction. 

  Mr. Funky Junk already had a plan in mind even before we purchased it, woo, thank goodness we won that bid.  As the bids were going up and up, I elbowed my hubby, you know that elbow, the one that means, don't loose your mind over this piece {even though it was that one & only}. 

  This piece was well worn and that perfect patina, you can not recreate!  But, the doors were missing, you could see the cut outs for the hinges, no hinges, no doors.  So Mr. Funky Junk from the Country would build a set of doors out of some old table leafs and some spare wood.  He is a keeper! 

  Then to paint them and add graphics. This cabinet is amazing so nothing to fancy, just something to enhance it and add character. Ummmmm, this will take just a little bit of research on The Graphics Fairy website.  I have been fascinated with bees lately, the bee cabinet, the bee suitcase the bee sign, you can see where I'm going with this this.  Bees, bees everywhere! The Graphics Fairy website is so organized, you can find so many amazing graphics! 

  Well, the graphic was chosen and the Sharpies are ready.  Sharpie up and....wait for it...go!

  Now that the graphics are done, some Ebony wax to darken and age those doors to match that amazing patina. Yes, patina that has been years in the making. 

  If I could only sneak this piece into the house I would.  It would stand tall and proud in my dining room, everyone would ooh and ah, yes, stunning. Oh my, time to wake up, back to reality.  The hubby says I can not keep it. 

  After posting a pic on Instagram, I received an email that someone was interested.  She called me and came out to look at it, paid for it and we delivered it. Sigh, it went to a wonderful home.  A vintage collected and created is going to put it in her craft room and fill it up with vintage paper, metal and hardware.  

  This really is a once in a blue moon piece. Wow, now to search for another piece, just as stunning.

  Thank you for dropping by! 

  Peace, love & junk,


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