Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Back to my Passion!

    Back to Work & back to my passion!

 Yes, I have been MIA {missing in action} for a while, due to a fractured arm. Ouch, yes, it still hurts and it has been almost 8 weeks since my fall.  I am attending physical therapy and it is helping, although I still don't have full range.  A necessity is to be able to put a pony tail in my hair!

  So it's back to work at my day job {banker} this week and back to my passion!  My passion, can you guess?  Painting furniture, French typography , repurposing and junk! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—. 

  So what better project to start on than a 1920's 5 drawer dresser, with harp and a mirror!  The top is scratched and badly water stained. As far as the sides go, it needed some patch work, the veneer is falling off.  My hubby is a perfectionist, so he fixed all the spots and you will never know !   

  I am painting it with Antique White General Finishes Milk Paint. Color, yes I love color, my clients love antique white! πŸ’—. So I paint a lot of pieces Antique White, Linen & Snow White.  Someone out there has to love color, turquoise, Persian blue, coral, black, bayberry green!  Stay tuned, I have some colorful projects on the back burner, waiting to be painted.

  I have chosen a grapic from "The Graphics Fairy" that I have not drawn in a while.  This graphic is some what easy, yet has an impact when you see it.  

  Some Ebony Wax and new glass knobs.  Ooh, lala!  She will be done, ready for an outdoor photo shoot.  

  So, time to crank up the rock & roll and finish this beautiful piece!  Progress so far! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  For now...................peace, love & junk! {geniece}
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