Thursday, June 19, 2014

June in the Country!

  Welcome to June in the Country!  The pots and flower boxes have been filled. The hanging baskets are up and the new orbs are everywhere.  Yes, I have added several new orbs that I purchased over the winter and have collected special pieces for stands!  

  At the end of April I broke my left arm {humerous} in two places.  Yes it was the humerous bone, but by no means was it funny! So my gardening was slow and easy, with only one hand and some pain!  

  Thank you to my hubby for all of his help this summer!  He has been wonderful!  I couldn't do it without you!

  Why does the summer go by so fast and the winter drag on?  That is the question?  It goes by in a blur, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, then Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!  

  Ok, just enjoy the moment that you are in!  Ohhhhh, I'm okay now!  Thank you for stopping by! XoXo

  So, peace, love & junk!


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