Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Vintage Armoire

  So, where has time gone these past several months.   It is now April and it should be starting to get warm.  As I said, should be getting warm, it is not warm in Northwest Ohio.  Yes, it was announced that N.W. Ohio had the worst winter season in the United States.  Well enough about the weather, and on to one of my favorite projects.  

  A vintage armoire restoration is this week's blog.  This is my fourth {4} armoire project and my favorite style of furniture.  It is stylish and functional.  I have lovingly restored several older homes with very little closet space.  So an armoire is a perfect piece to add storage space to any room.  

  I have been very lucky to find pieces in need of a rescue and a restoration, every DIY girls/guys dream!  This piece was ingored by other Junkers and pickers. You see the doors where warped and the center bar had deteriorated beyond repair.  So at first sight, this piece was a fright!  

  My hubby, Mr. Funky Junk does not shy away from a project!  He looks at every piece as a new welcomed friend.  Lucky me, I know!  Okay, enough about my hubby, the armoire, yes!  He spotted this piece in a pic on the weekly auction web site.  So, he was off to the auction with a furniture cart and the big funky junk truck.  

  Score one for Mr. Funky Junk, the purchase price $25.00. {see the pic below} 

The bones of this piece were in great shape!  Just change out the center structure bar and the doors should straighten out and close properly.  With some milk paint, a stylish design on the doors and some elbow grease this piece will be amazing! 

  The center support bar was replaced and the doors adjusted, it's ready for paint.  Always wipe the piece down with a clean cloth, the cob webs are free but need to wiped away before painting.  

  My paint of choice is American General Milk Paint.  Easy to use, covers dark surfaces and looks amazing!  This piece will be done in antique white, my favorite color.  You can't go wrong with antique white, right?  Don't fret, American General has a wide range of beautiful colors.  Yes, I adore painting with color! Check back in.......

  After three coats of paint, it's ready for a design.

  Now to decide on a design for the armoire.  Research consists of endless hours perusing vintage graphics, French typography and on-line sites.  I have several favorites, yet I need a challenge. Check out "The Graphics Fairy" on line!  An amazing free source.

  I use a black oil Sharpie to draw my designs.  After printing out the design I start in the middle of the piece and then alternate drawing the top and the bottom.  The lettering is my favorite!  I am not perfect, so I have my paint brush and milk paint by my side, should I need to make an adjustment!

  A piece this size can take anywhere from two {2} to  four {4} hours.  I use several different Sharpies, fine and medium point oil.  After working on it for several hours, time to step back and look at it.  Next step, ebony furniture paste wax.  

  After several minor adjustments, it is ready for wax.  I use a throw away brush, Monbri ebony wax, steel wool and lots of elbow grease.  My hubby will cut a piece of black leather for the bottom {inside} and, add new hardware.  I chose small glass vintage knobs for the doors, placed just above the key holes on each door.  It's complete !  The wax gives it an aged and imperfect vintage feel.  

This pic reflects wax, on the left and no wax, on the right.

Yes, it's done!

 The completed piece!  Off to deliver it to the antique mall and on to the next project,  

  A junkers job is never done!  

  Peace, love and funky junk,  


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