Thursday, May 8, 2014

Vintage French inspired commode

Funky Junk from the Country

  This piece is one of my favorites!  Simple, elegant & chic!  I purchased this piece from a high school friend's Mom.  His Mom was moving out of the home she had lived in for 20+ years and was not able to take everything with her.  So this piece and several others needed to find a new home.

  Yes, this piece was missing several handles and really needed a fresh coat of paint.  The bones of the piece were in fantastic shape, the harp towel bar was intact!

  My favorite paint brand is General Finishes Milk Paint.  So this piece would need several coats of paint, to freshen it up!  I then used General Finishes Pitch Black glaze over the entire piece. A rub down with very fine {0000} steel wool was next.  I then added graphics, from "The Graphics Fairy".  The Graphics Fairy is a free site and has tons of tutorial information, check it out!  I know you will love it, like I do!  This piece needed to be simple yet elegant, so I didn't want to over do it!  I use black oil "Sharpies" to complete my graphics .  Add elegant clear glass handles and knobs!  Ohhh-la-la! 

  Next up is to photograph the piece, determine a price and which antique mall to deliver it to?  Well it went to the Maumee Antique Mall, Maumee, Ohio and sold two days later.  

  I am sure this piece is at home wherever it is.  Enjoy!

  Thank you so much for taking a moment to catch up on my journey for junk!

Peace, love & junk, 



  1. Hello Geniece, This is a beautiful piece. How did you transfer the image unto it, so you could use the sharpies correctly.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Tricia, I print the graphics from the site on graph paper and then free hand them.. The graph paper allows me to be able to block out everything on the piece of furniture. I free hand everything, I have been doing this for 30+ years! If you go out to The Graphics Fairy website, there are numerous ways to accomplish the same thing. Some artists use wax paper and transfer with pencil, stencils or a projector. Check it out! I also use oil Sharpies, they are much easier to use and last a lot longer, without clogging or quitting! Lete know how it works out! I on Instagram and Facebook as Funky Junk from the Country if you want to see more graphics and projects! Thank you so much for stopping by! {Geniece} 💗

  2. So awesome! I was on Graphics Fairy and found your piece that I absolutely LOVE! I start looking at your site and learn you are in my area! I live in Toledo! Thank you so much for posting how you do this. I am trying to learn myself but no success so far. What is graph paper? I really wish I could understand this. Thank you so much for your information and awesome pictures. You are so talented!