Sunday, November 23, 2014

My little Christmas tree farm!

  Is it Christmas yet? No, not quite time! Well it feels like Christmas here in N.W. Ohio.  I was out decorating the shack last Sunday and it was snowing.  It didn't slow me down a bit.  That will be left for another post!  Oh how I become distracted! 

 I have been busy with Christmas decor and decorating.  My favorite project last year was making door knob Christmas trees and my very own little Christmas tree farm.  I made about 10-12 trees and sold them all.

  So, I have been collecting old & vintage door knobs all year long to make them again.  This time I am keeping several for myself!  After making them I take photos of them and off they go to the Maumee Antique Mall. Each year I tell myself "I am keeping some for myself", not!  

  So this leads me to this blog to make these adorable trees, for yourself or to give as a gift.   These make fabulous hostess gifts.  

  What do you need to complete this project? 

  1.  Door knobs, brass, glass, metal any type you can come up with.  I purchase mine at auctions, flea markets and garage sales.  If at all possible I don't pay more than $4.00 for a pair of knobs.  

  2.  Bottle brush Christmas trees, any little pine tree decoration.  These trees can be purchased at the craft stores in several different sizes and colors.

  3.  Hot glue gun and glue sticks.  

  {{These are way to big!  But, they are so pretty! }}

  4.  Tiny, little, small ball ornaments. Any little {{I mean really little}} ornament will work. The decorations are optional.  I sell them plain, just the same! 

  I remove the bottom from the bottle brush trees.  You will not need them, but save them.  {{You never know when you will need them for something else.}}
  Make sure the door knobs are clean and the center opening is clear.  Also make sure the screw is in the door knob. No worry, if there is not a screw, place a piece of duck tape over the hole.  That keeps the hot glue from coming out that little hole in the door knob.  
  Take the hot glue gun and release the glue into the door knob hole.  Make sure to have your bottle brush tree ready to place in the hole at the top of the door knob.  The glue will set up after a couple of minutes, so be ready!  I hold the tree in place until the hot glue sets.  

  If you don't want to decorate your tree you are done! Easy peasy and so cute! If you want your tree decorated, start hanging your tiny ornaments.  On my silver trees I place a small dot of hot glue on the branch, so the ornaments do not fall off!  

  It's time for a photo shoot!  Yes, share your creativity with your family and friends.  Again these make fabulous hostess gifts, as you have created then with love! 💗
  I also made several trees with vintage & old perfume bottles as the base.  Just as beautiful.  Use your imagination for the base, if it is vintage and cute, try it! Anything goes...💗

  I have several other projects in my Santa sack for you, so stay tuned! 
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