Monday, November 3, 2014

I scored these items at an auction! Now look!

 I attend auctions several times a week, 
in addition to working a full time job and running Funky Junk from the Country.  Quite often you see amazing pieces that you want to bid on.  Yes, I want that!  The first thing Mr. Funky Junk says is " What are going to do with that? ".  No problem honey, I already had an idea.  Can you see the light bulb going off? 

  I knew immediately when I seen this piece, what I would do with it.  You see, I had already picked up a box of vintage Christmas ornaments and have three other boxes in the workshop.  You have to pick them up when you see them, then stash them away until November.  Then you are ready to create and let everyone enjoy your treasured finds! 

  When I purchased this piece at auction I didn't realize what it was, or what it was made of.  But, for a $3.00 win at auction, it was priceless to me. After picking it up and taking it back to the truck, I realized someone had handmade this gem.  Yes, it was made with wire hangers and wired together.  Someone spent time creating this piece for a purpose.  I'm not sure I will ever know what that purpose was.  For me, I have a whole new use! 💗💗💗

  I find boxes of vintage ornaments at auction for next to nothing! They are fabulous in my eyes.  At one time these were shiny, colorful and sparkling.  Some of their color has faded and lost some of it's sparkle.  Yet, these beauties are timeless in the joy they bring when you display them.  The stories they could tell.....

  This piece was already in the workshop storage just waiting for a project.  It was once a majestic lamp with a glass shade, shining brightly.  I clipped the wires off of the lamp as it was brittle and cracked. Cleaned up the base with some steel wool and it is ready!  

  I attached the wire to the lamp pole with the piece of wire from the top. {I left the screw and the wing nut on the lamp to be able to accommodate the hanging 
piece}.  Then hung the Christmas bulbs on the loops from the hanger. It's finished!  It will be used this holiday season to display my vintage Christmas bulbs at the Maumee Antique Mall, Maumee, Ohio booths #241/242 & #258/259.  

  More decorating ideas for the holidays to come! 

  Thank you so much for following my journey of junk!  

Peace, love & junk, 


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