Monday, October 27, 2014

Top 5 Things I Love about Fall

   The Top 5 Things I love about Fall

   {From the front porch.}

  5.  The change in colors of the trees.  Yes, it means hours of labor picking them up.  But a season full of beauty!

   {This pic of the barn was taken October 4, 2014, early fall.}

   {This pic was taken October 26, 2014.}

   {Both of these pics were taken October 26, 2014}

  4.  Halloween!  We host an annual Halloween party in our barn.  This is our 6th year of food, family, friends & fun in the barn.  Everyone has a blast, yes this is Mr. Funky Junk!  

   {Mr. Funky Junk aka Dr. Jekyll ...Mr. Hyde driving for the hayride.}

   {The vintage Pepsi cooler is full of ghostly treats & beverages.}

{ My beautiful daughter, Candice {the good witch} with Ryeann {the princess} and Emily {Strawberry Shortcake}.}

  {Our barn in the late afternoon sunshine!}

3.  I love to say and write "It's fall y'all!" .  I live in Northwest Ohio, but during the fall season I love to say "y'all".

  {Having fun y'all!}

    {Our front porch in the country y'all!}

2.  Decorating the front porch, the antique booths, the house, the barn, the Hillbilly Shack!  Decorating everything I can! 

   {Who dropped that barn on my sister? Just kidding! 💗💗💗}

   {The barn is decorated & ready for ghosts & goblins!}

   {It's Halloween inside and out.}

1.  The little ones enjoying the moment!  Emily & Ryeann had so much fun at the Halloween party and yes, I sent them home with plenty of candy!  {{That sugar wears off eventually!}}

  I hope you enjoyed our journey into Fall and the "Top 5 Things  I love about Fall" y'all! 

  peace, love & junk


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