Tuesday, October 7, 2014

We've moved! Maumee Antique Mall Booths #241/242 & 258/259

  Yes, Funky Junk from the Country has moved, we decided to consolidate our spaces into one very large space at the Maumee Antique Mall. We are now located in booths #241/242 & 258/259 and #296. It was a difficult decision, but we have continued to grow over time and needed more space and organization.  We decided to leave D'Vine Designs in Downtown Perrysburg, Ohio.  It was a sad day to say good bye to Susan and Bridgette!  They completely understood it was a business decision.  Their shop provided me with an opportunity to grow my business and I did just that!  Believe me, I will never forget them and will stop by often! 

  So, the new space combines four booths in one area.  We will maintain our other booth in the very back of the mall. 
  When we first looked at it, we thought there is no way we will be able to fill it.  Well we were mistaken!  We had no problem filling up the space! My hubby, Mr Funky Junk did an amazing job with packing everything up and moving!  {He deserves a raise, oh wait, he volunteers! } Our great friend, Tonya also helped us with loading up glass and setting it up in the new area.  Tonya also has a couple of booths at the Mall.  Most days my hubby was exhausted having moved all day, so Tonya and I had the night shift. Thank you Tonya! 

  You never realize how much funky junk you have...until you move.  It was nice to organize the space and have a logical traffic flow.  I'm sure we will twique it over time.  For now, it looks awesome!  

  Check out the pics below!  Better yet, stop by the Maumee Antique Mall , Maumee, Ohio booths # 241/242 & 258/259. 

This is our space  in the back of the mall, #296. 

  Stop by and see the new space!  

Thank you!  peace, love & junk

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