Friday, October 3, 2014

Love potion, eye of newt..........

  Yes, it's fall y'all. And I am lovin' it! 

  I need to decorate my new, large antique space at the Maumee Antique Mall for fall. So get ready for some fun and fancy Halloween madness!  Fall is my favorite time of year, warm days, cool crisp nights and plenty of falling leaves.  
  Last year I sold all of my velvet pumpkins and glass pumpkins.  That means I need to create something fun and exciting this year! 
  I went to The Graphics Fairy website {{}} and printed a sheet on card stock of Halloween printables.  They are awesome!  Wing of bat, eye of newt and a love potion! Lots will love them and her site! 
  Using pinking shears, I cut them out and gave them a fun rugged edge. You also need a single hole punch to put a hole in the top center for your ribbon, string or jute.  The previous day I had gone to my favorite thrift store" Savers" to pick up some glass bottles, vases and pumpkins.  This time of year, they have tons of cute little Halloween pieces to use  or create with.  

  After picking up some ribbon from JoAnne Fabrics and raiding my workshop for skelton keys and a mason jar. I am ready to put all the pieces together. 

  I love ribbon and always want to use it in my vignettes and decorating.  Using ribbon, string and jute I looped it through the hole and tied them around my vintage bottles.  Using different sized bottles for each tag, keeps it interesting and fun.  If you are like me, I love old bottles, dirty, clean, any shape or color!  

  The love potion was deserving of the large blue, vintage Mason jar.  What goes into a love potion at Halloween?  That will remain a secret for now.  {{I used Epsom salts and silver glitter, with several Halloween graphic tags}}. The love potion tag along with a skeleton key {{ I had to use one! }} is attached with a black ribbon!  So cute! 

  Add several pumpkins, I love my velvet pumpkins and acorns and you all ready for your ghosts and goblins to visit!  

  Thank you to The Graphics Fairy for their fabulous graphics!

  Happy fall y'all! 

  peace, love & junk


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