Monday, December 29, 2014

Best of 2014 Painted Furniture & French Typography

A 2014 Favorite Dresser

  Where did the year go?  It's now December 29th, time to reflect on a year of growth and change.  

  It has been an interesting year, where to begin......

  We had an incredibly long winter to start the 2014 year off.  Our area, N.W. Ohio was given the distinction of the worst winter weather in the United States!  My day job, which never closes {{ha!}}, closed for four different days due to bad weather.  So snow meant a day in the studio painting! 

  Fast forward to the spring, I broke my left arm in two places! That put me back quite a few weeks.  Painful, a lot of sleeping and rehab.  

  Vacation was a blast, we traveled with five other couples on motorcycles to the Blue Ridge Parkway down south.  It was wonderful to be able to get away. 

  I was super excited to do a demonstration for Toledo Woodcraft on milk paint techniques. It was well attended and they have asked me back for a ladies night project in 2015!

  Lots of auctions, garage sales, flea markets and barn sales.  Picked up plenty of fabulous furniture and junk of course.  

  I was featured on The Graphics Fairy with my french typography commode.  It was one of the Best Painted Dressers!  That was so cool!  At Halloween my antique mall decorations were featured again on The Graphics Fairy website!  Yeah!!

Featured on The Graphics Fairy Best Painted Dressers!

  A trip in November with my girlfriend, Tonya to a wholesalers show in Columbus, Ohio was a blast!  Lots of ideas and purchases for my spaces at the antique mall. 

  Lots of super cool crafts and fun projects all year long!  My door knob Christmas trees and my vintage oil can ornament holders were a huge hit! 

  Holiday parties, full of family and friends finishes out my year.   

  Now my favorite painted pieces of furniture for 2014! 

  Wow, this is almost half of the painted furniture I did this year! WOW! 

  Thank you for your support throughout 2014!

peace, love & junk, 


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  1. All of your work is beautiful but your favorite is mine too, so pretty!