Monday, December 1, 2014

Vintage Oil Can Ornament

Vintage Oil Can Ornament Holders

  Welcome to the holidays, where I use everything I can find to have a beautifully decorated home!  My decorating tastes have changed over the years, lucky for my beautiful daughter.  {{I am giving her everything I no longer use or want! }}
  My design style leans toward chic & shabby mixed with Bohemian vintage!  That's why I created these fabulous ornament holders.  How did I do it?

  This summer I went to a barn sale and there was a bucket full of old oil cans.  I have seen numerous ideas on Pinterest of different projects involving oil cans, so I picked them up.  The entire bucketful was only $5.00, and there was oil in a couple of them!  

  The old rusty wire we picked up at a garage sale for a $1.00!  You can never have enough rusty wire available for projects. 

  The Christmas bulbs were in a box I purchased at an auction for $ 10.00. That box was full of awesome Christmas treasures.  You just never know what you are going to find.  

  First, I cleaned the oil cans out!  Who knows how long that oil has been in that can?  I wanted the old patina on the outside and no oil on the inside.  
  I straightened the wire and cut it about 18 inches in length.  If that is to long, you can always adjust it by cutting it to the desired length.  Insert it into the top of the oil can from the bottom.  Crimp a loop in the bottom of the wire, then pull the wire.  The wire will become lodged in the top of the can, make sure it is pulled tight, so it will not shift once you place your bulb on it.  Next up, is to place the loop in the top, to hold your bulb.  I wrapped the wire around an oil Sharpie marker. Use a pair of pliers, the wire can be tough on your hands!

  Screw the top back on your oil can and then adjust your wire.  Several of mine have a larger loop or are taller.  Use your creativity.  Anything is possible!  

  Now you are ready to attach your bulb!  

  I'm happy I took several photos of these, because I sold them all! 💗

  Thank you for following this journey of junk!  💗  More Christmas decorating ideas to come! Check back, better yet set up to receive my blood g in your in-box!

  peace love & junk, 


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  1. Loving, pinning and sharing - the most creative idea tonight!

  2. Love these! Found you via Donna Wilkes.

  3. Ack! I love these! Most certainly featuring you tonight at the "What's YOUR Prodigal Piece?" link party. I'd love to know where you are in Ohio because I'm close to you, I believe. :o)

  4. I loooove this idea! I'm going to share!
    Thank you for sharing. I have lots of old oil cans and I'm going to spray paint them gold and do the same! How very different, & cute.

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