Saturday, July 11, 2015

Summer junkin', who's in?


  It's summer in the country, it took forever to get here!  We have had tons of rain and below normal temps, yet it's still summer! Jump for joy! Ok, I digress, summer junkin fun!  

  Estate sales, garage sales, flea markets, auctions, oh my!  The choices are endless, yet my budget is not! I have been concentrating on smalls, more for your money, while the studio is packed with furniture for now. 

  What items are you looking for? My list is:  linens, tootsie toys or Tonka small trucks, door knobs, vintage Christmas items, vintage Christmas bulbs {{I can't get enough of them! }}, pink depression glass, old bottles, cobalt blue old bottles, globes & flags.  I have an electric style, so I will look at everything, eye candy! 

  Check out a couple of my summer junkin' finds so far! 

  Yes, I picked up this old scale, insert a potted plant and you have a fabulous hanging plant! 

  We picked up an old piece of stained glass at an auction.  No one else wanted it, no frame and it was bowed.  My hubby, very carefully flattened it out, added a wooden frame and painted it.  It now hangs in our sunroom! Perfect addition and fabulous piece! 

  I picked up the sun dial and two turtle sprinklers at another summer auction.  I can't get enough garden treasures.  And to think, someone else thought they were junk! 

  Keep junkin', the summer is still young.  While ridin' {{on the back}} I am always keeping my eyes open for great finds, with the wind in my hair! 

  peace, love & junk, 


Mr. Funky Junk and I! <3

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