Saturday, June 4, 2016

2016 I Can't Believe it's June Already!

  Wow, it's June already.  Can you believe it? Lots going on here at Funky Junk from the Country!  

  Take a look at the pieces of 2016 so far...

  Yes, I couldn't resist creating another ballerina dresser.  It was so much fun and this is a challenging design to create!

  This is the full finished piece! 

  I had to create with a little color.  This is General Finishes Patina Green Milk Paint with an ebony wax.  This color is stunning! 

  This one was fun too! A first time for this graphic and I adore it.  This pic was before the Ebony wax finishing touch. 

  French typography is not only for furniture.  I picked this vintage suitcase up at an auction.  I can't resist and my hubby gets annoyed!  It was not in top top shape, yet it was perfect to draw on with a white oil Sharpie. If it doesn't move, it's fair game to draw on! 

  This is an old glove box from a vintage dresser.  Mr. Funky Junk added a bottom to the box and it was perfect for graphics.  I am obsessed with vintage dress forms, so hence, the design.  


  This vintage graphic is amazing.  So nice to create a piece with nostalgia from Toledo, Ohio.  This old door was just waiting for graphics to brighten it's future! 

  Just a fun sign to pass the time.  

  This piece was a labor of love!  My father was a Letter Carrier for 30+ years, I couldn't resist.  

  A fun drum table was calling to become a gorgeous clock table.  And it was! It's always 5:00 somewhere, and this table didn't last long at the Antique Mall.

  Mr. Funky Junk from the Country out did himself with this vintage bed turned into an amazing bench. This piece sold to a couple from Indiana who stopped by the Antique Mall on their way home.  Enjoy!

  This graphic is one of my favorites.  Simple, yet classic, oh so pretty.

  Every once in a while you have to bust out the white Sharpie and the General Finishes Lamp Black paint.

  This is just the French typography, lots of custom work, tables and chairs, lots of chairs!  Hope you enjoyed the pieces so far. Stay tuned for what the next six months holds.  Oh I can't wait!

  Thank you all!  A huge "Thank you" to the "Graphics Fairy" for their fabulous graphics and their continued support. I am over the moon excited every time they feature my work.  It never gets old, that's what keeps me creating.  

   Peace, love & junk,


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  1. talented! I love how you did the vintage suitcase

    1. Thank you Jane! That was a fun piece. I have a couple more suitcases I will be drawing on! I love it because it's different!

  2. Everything looks so lovely ♥

  3. Thank you Summer! I love what I do and I hope it shows!