Monday, September 5, 2016

Funky Junk from the Country Barn Sale & Vintage Market 2016

  The Funky Junk from the Country barn was ready to go at 9:00 a.m. On July 23, 2016.  

  Remember that red barn that stands in our yard so eloquently, yes it was decked out in shabby loveliness! 

  Oh and our yard, full, full, full! This was just a small part of what we had, my hubby had the trailer packed and the Junk Truck box truck was full too.

    The evening before, it looked so peaceful under the evening sky.  Don't let it fool you, it was 96 degrees out with the highest humidity in two years, left us with a heat index of 105* degrees.  When you set a date ten months in advance, who knew? I kept telling myself, better than pouring rain!

  We hard iron yard art from Tonya Haynes at Juntique on Sofia Street. The yard was full of cool creatures holding flower pots! 

  While inside the barn, Julie & Danny from Great Finds Maumee, LLC were all set up.  Amazing vintage finds along with dress forms, bakers racks and so much more.  

  Tonya from Vintiques and Sophia Street was also here with lots of vintage pieces. She also had the fabulous green fan that kept her cool in the +100 degree heat! 

  Found on Brighton Street was set up by the pond with some beautiful artwork, quilts and vintage picnic baskets! 


Sunny Mead Alpacas from Whitehouse, Ohio were here also and everyone loved them.  They also brought their cart full of very cool items for sale! 

  Our old Pepsi Cola matchine had a workout that day keeping the water and pop cold.  It was ice cold and several customers wanted to buy it.  Not for sale though.

  There was plenty of vintage finds in the barn.  

  The Shabby Shack was hit with everyone who walked out to check it out! 

  Can't wait until next year! Well worth the work and plenty of new ideas to come! 

  Peace, love & junk! 


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Geniece & Jim

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