Monday, September 5, 2016

My Daughters Baby Shower

  My daughter, Candice at her baby shower with her friends from the salon. 

  Yes, that beautiful lady with the baby bump is my daughter and she is due on October 31st, 2016.  We are hoping for a little Halloween pumpkin! 

  Candice wanted to have the baby shower at our home, small, intimate and simple.  She is so easy going and just wanted to share memories with family and friends! 

  In keeping with her elegant and simple shower I decided to have it on our deck.  With about 20 guests RSVP'd it would be perfect.  The weather was wonderful, 75 degrees, sun, no wind and no pests.  

  I set up all the tables with thos plastic covers in a light pink, lavender and turquoise, all colors in the new baby nursery. Then topped with vintage lace table clothes, they were gorgeous! Blue ball jars filled with flower bouquets from the grocery store.  Yes all the flowers were marked down to $4.00 a bouquet and still looked stunning.  I split the bouquets into two to fit in the blue Ball jars.  I had saved several different sizes of Candice's baby shoes to add a little sparkle and memory to her day. Simple, elegant and beautiful. 

  I also made a Pom Pom garland that will hang in the nursery too as an additional sparkle to the long table.  


  The setting was perfect overlooking our big red barn.  

  The upper deck had the simple plastic covers in nursery colors.

  With a gift table and chair that would soon become packed with baby sweetness!   I found an old red, metal Radio Flyer wagon {{Right corner of the pic}} for Candice & Patrick to take the baby for a stroll.

  A half chocolate, half white cake with pretty pastel Flores was made by a local bakery and delicous.  

  A rag garland and some paper balls finished out the decorations.  

  Quite a few of the flower jars went home with guests.  Yet some went home with Candice and several stayed right here at home! 

  The candy on the second plate was a hit! 

  Flowers always make you happy.  Well for now, we are waiting until October for that sweet baby girl to arrive. Mean while Candice is helping with my Milk Paint 101 classes and everyone adores her!! 

  That baby bump is so sweet! 

  I will keep you updated, as we are on baby watch going forward!

  Peace, love & junk! 


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Geniece & Jim

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