Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The leaves will turn soon...

  Yes, the leaves will be turning to that beautiful yellow, orange and brown.  Our days and nights are finally starting to get a little cooler.  After a summer of high temps and very high humidity we are welcoming cooler days and nights! 

  It is a crisp 60 degrees this morning as I walk our property this morning with Gracie & Zoe {border collie & designer mutt}.  The fountain is still in the pond and will be until around November.  See the rainbow in the fountain, so beautiful.  The sun is shining! 

  Our flowers on the decks and porches are still blooming.  They will soon be surrounded by leaves and more leaves. Yet we will enjoy for as long as we can.  

  We will be able to see past the barn in a few months as we spend endless hours picking up the leaves.  We dump them in our woods to decompose and fill in our low spots.  Gracie and Zoe are so excited to run out in the yard.  After our walk they will take a long nap! Trying to keep them out of the pond is a challenge this time of year, as the water is warm and the air cool.  

  The funky junk truck stands tall next to the barn all year long.  Over the years the bright red Rustoleum finish has faded and has become the perfect barn red patina! 

  I picked this fountain up at an auction this summer and I think it looks fabulous on the barn.  Our walk included a little trip out to the Shabby Shed. The hanging flowers still look gorgeous.  I can not explain how peaceful it is out here. It is so quiet, only the wind blowing and the leaves wrestling in the wind.  The perfect spot to decompress after a long day.  

  The mail box on the Shabby Shed is still empty, yet waits patiently for a letter. Over the years I have collected several Carruth pieces that adorn the shed. 

  We live not far from the Carruth Studio and I have collected quite a few of them over the years.  They are so versatile to decorate with, inside or out! 

  The windows are still open to let in the fresh autumn air.

  Just a little view from the front porch of the Shabby Shed.

  There is a hammock to relax on just past the shack. 

  I spent this past Sunday getting the front garden ready for fall.  Gracie & Zoe assisted of course, it's ruff being a dog in the country.  They are up to the task! 


  Happy fall everyone.  I hope you have enjoyed our walk in the country this autumn morning! 

Peace, love & junk! 


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  1. wow I love your property. The barn, truck, fur babies, pond, she-shed! How peaceful. I hope you take some pictures when we get into the heart of Fall.

  2. Thank you Jane! I will take additional pics as we enter into the heart of fall. Our woods will soon turn beautiful colors and then fall to the ground! Thanks again for stopping by! Geniece XOXO