Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Beautiful Bedroom!

Funky Junk from the Country @ The Maumee Antique Mall

  When someone purchases your refinished furniture, you always wonder.....what will that piece look like in it's new home?  

  Well, wonder no more.  I sold several pieces of furniture last spring to Janice.  When  she called me later asking if I had a corner cabinet for sale and would I paint it to match, I couldn't resist. So happens, I had just purchased one, that I would soon be painting and customizing for Janice.  She knew what she wanted and I painted, waxed it and added French typography to the cabinet to her style!  When she came to pick up the cabinet she asked me if I would paint a couple of mirrors to match her pieces.  Again, I couldn't resist.  

  Janice would wallpaper her bedroom and search for a fabulous bed and bedding to complete her room.  

  I asked Janice to please send me pics when she was done!  Fast forward to the new year and Janice has sent me pics of her beautiful bedrRoom makeover.  Gorgeous, simply chic & shabby!  I love it!  So my style and Janice's style too!  

  Wait no more here are pics! 

Corner cabinet with French Typography 

French Typography Table with Stool and Custom Painted Mirror

Small Buffet and Custom Painted Mirror

Small French Typography Cabinet 

Beautiful French Typography Chic & Shabby Bedroom

  Thank you Janice so much for sharing your beautiful bedroom with us!  I love it all! Enjoy! 💗💗💗

  The featured pieces were all vintage pieces painted with General Finishes Antique White Milk Paint and waxed with Monbri Ebony Wax.  Graphic designs are from The Graphics Fairy and completed freehand with an oil Sharpie. 

  You can find my furniture and vintage, antique accessories at The Maumee Antique Mall, Maumee, Ohio space #241/242, #258/259 & #296.  

  Peace, love & junk,




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