Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Vintage Christmas in the Country

 A Vintage Christmas here in the Country is getting underway.  It has been really warm here in Northwest Ohio this fall, with temperatures in the 70's.  So we have been busy picking up leaves and storing stuff in the barn for winter.  Yet, we are in full Christmas Mose here at Funky Junk from the Country.  

  So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy all of the Christmas creations! 


  The fun vintage porcelain tubs were purchased from a friend, knowing they would make the perfect place to hold a Christmas tree.  Both trees are in vintage containers, one in an old tin and the other in an old oatmeal container.  The graphics on the front are amazing and I added a red ribbon. Vintage tablecloths are in the tubs, while old towels adorn the sides.  


  Check out the graphics on the old oatmeal container, yes they are amazing.  I did have to add a cardboard ribbon roll to the bottom to add some height. Tiny vintage glass ornaments, along with new beading {{that looks old}}, mercury glass star ornaments and tiny handmade candy canes all adorn the tree. Little LED lights and a bottle brush star finish off the tree. 


  You can always find sleds in our barn ready for the holiday season in our barn.  We purchase them all year long, yes, even when it's ninety {{90*}} degrees outside, we are searching for them. I also hunt for mittens and vintage items to adorn them, adding a ribbon and they are complete. 


  My oil can ornaments are always a favorite for me!  I adore making them and love the industrial vintage feel.  


  This antique pie safe from 1890 is full of vintage goodies.  I purchased the antique sleigh bells last year at an antique shop in Sandusky, Ohio, the sound is fabulous. You can just see the sleigh gliding over the snow and feel the wind when they jingle.  


  Hope you enjoyed this little tour of what we have been up to here in the Country.  Stay tuned for the next post on the Shabby Shack decked out for Christmas.  

  Enjoy your Thanksgiving with family, friends & fur babies.  

Peace, love & junk! 


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Thank you!


  1. oh I love it all! Those porcelain tubs are awesome. I'm a sucker for all the small items and would love to be able to see all the little ornaments on your trees. I also love the mitten idea...I may need to look for mittens.

    Looking forward to your Shabby Shack decked out for the holidays

    1. Thank you Jane! I can't wait to finish decorating the Shabby Shack and enjoy it! I collect mittens all year long for my vintage projects!